Fashion minimalist and vintage enthusiast. Here is a short collection of ideas, images and stories by me for women like me. Enjoy.

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  • No Genre

    It is an eye opening moment when you look into the mirror and you recognize what you see, but realize that the image you are looking at is unlike anything you have seen before. You know for sure

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    A few weeks back I was able to take part in a beautiful Project alongside my partner in crime and friend; photographer Adriana Roslin. We carried out the EDIT during a two-day trip with a full

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    Esta historia la creamos Adriana y yo durante nuestra visita a París el mes pasado. una vez más, protagoniza el esplendor de la zona más brutalista de París. Jamás nos habíamos encontrado con un

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  • El Ferry

      New year, new beginnings. It has been a long time since I last posted something relevant to lifestyle. I just wanted to share a surprise I came across while strolling about one rainy

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  • The Outlaws

      Times are changing, you can hear the rumble on the streets. Now comes the moment of the outlaws and the renegades. They are bored of normality and the common being, they are thirsty for

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  • The Cactus House

    In my free time I love wondering around whatever city I am located at the moment finding new places and discovering what different people have to offer. I enjoy making discoveries and later on

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  • The World of G.I.F

    During one of the last editorial test shoots that I took part with my friend Charly, we found ourselves reminiscing about the comings and goings of the Fashion industry, how everything has

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  • L.E.A.H

            After a very long wait. I am finally back, back to work, back to Madrid, back to life and back to doing what it is that keeps my mind busy… It has been a fully packed

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  • Valdecañas Island

    So last weekend a close group of friends and I went south towards Extremadura for a short weekend escape in a place known as the Island of Valdecañas just before the start of the winter holidays.

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  • HOSS & BB

    Last night I was lucky enough to take part in the Madrid opening of the new HOSS INTROPIA Collection. The hostess and dear friend Berta Bernad made sure that it was the perfect event for the

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  • Ática

    Hello all. Despite the chaos lived during the past two days with Madrid weather (from almost 25 to 10 degrees) and from sun to rain storms in a question of hours, I was able to take advantage of

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  • MBFW

        So…last week I was able to take a little break from busy work to visit the Fashion hub of my city; MBFW at the Cibeles traditional Location. Maya Hansen, Moises Nieto, Andrés Sardá

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