Fashion minimalist and vintage enthusiast. Here is a short collection of ideas, images and stories by me for women like me. Enjoy.

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Tag: Adidas


      It is sometimes hard to connect creatively with others. Creating a team of people you not only trust in style but also in profession is very complicated. Some may state that they have

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  • Be a Sport

    This is the first EDIT that we have decided to show you prior to its publication this morning in Sicky Magazine. During our stay in London, we could not resist the very classic walk through

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  • Walking in London

    Hello Dear All, As some of you may have seen, for the past weeks, I have moving about a little. My dear Adriana Roslin and I, after being summoned by a few UK based brands, decided it was time to

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  • Keep me awake

    After some droopy days…there comes a Little sun. For those who find comfort in the light and hope in warmth. This is another geometrical post where I keep exploring with shapes and what not.

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