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Be a Sport

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Hello everyone,


This is the first EDIT that we have decided to show you prior to its publication this morning in Sicky Magazine.

During our stay in London, we could not resist the very classic walk through Kensington Gardens (Hyde Park). When we first came across these settings, it was on our way to our first meeting early on the first Monday of our stay. As we were strolling through the park towards Nottinghill Gate, we couldn’t help ourselves from stopping on random occasions and simultaneously moodboarding.

In the end, as you can see, we decided to display out “Mod-Sport” EDIT in this location that is and will always be very dear to the city of London.

Eva, is a Spanish model living in London that very kindly agreed to be a part of our work. The EDIT is focused on a Grunge Sport Style that attempts to release a sassy feel to the new laid-back modern trend.

Brands: Adidas (Fila), Reebok, Nike (thanks to Urban Outfitters).

Photography: Adriana Roslin

Styling: Cristina Carranza

Art Direction: Adriana Roslin & Cristina Carranza

Model: EVA (thank you)

Media: Sicky Magazine


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Hola a todos,

Os presentamos hoy la primera EDIT publicada tras nuestra estancia en Londres (Sicky Magazine).

De camino a nuestra primera reunión un lunes, muy pronto por la mañana (tras un domingo lleno de retrasos de 6 horas y demás calamidades). Nos encontramos cruzando el afamado parque de Kensington Gardens de camino a Nottinghill Gate.

En este (muy) corto trayecto, sin darnos cuenta y con pocas palabras, acordamos que una de nuestras Editoriales la haríamos aquí. Como podéis ver, cumplimos nuestra promesa y este es el resultado.

Os presentamos a EVA, modelo Española actualmente viviendo y trabajando en Londres.

Pronto, os enseñaremos más.

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