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It is an eye opening moment when you look into the mirror and you recognize what you see, but realize that the image you are looking at is unlike anything you have seen before.

You know for sure that whoever is staring back at you knows you…very well, however, they look like strangers. They are different to all those that surround them.

It is at that time you understand that you were never made to fit in. Your desire to mix in monotony was destined to fail and that whatever you do, you will always stand out.

There is nothing to be done, your creators made you this way.

The only choice you have is to embrace it.

It surprises me how often I find friends and individuals that have struggled coming to terms with their own identity. We find habits of pointing out the differences of others as if it were a bad thing…when it is evident, that it is quite the opposite.

There is no pleasure in blending in. There is no right or wrong in being yourself no matter the creature this turns you into. We all have twisted thoughts in out twisted minds that make our imagination fly so why do so many of us try too hard to be normal?

Fun comes with abnormality and beauty is a malformed version of shape and color.

We will never be the same as those that have come before us….we have been made to take over, just that, makes us special already.

These images were taken during a weekend stroll in the Retiro (Madrid Central Park) thanks to my dear Xandra (@xandradekok).

I hope you enjoy them.


Muchas veces me sorprende el empeño que tenemos que seguir las normas, de mantenernos en nuestra zona de confort, andando sobre el camino fácil.

Me llama la atención como las personas tienen miedo de destacar y se encuentran muchas veces sujetas a unos cánones que rara vez se asemejan a su verdadera personalidad.

Estamos hechos para llamar la atención, para tener ideas y generar cambio. Hemos nacido en un momento de cambio y evolución y es necesario ser partícipe.

No se puede dejar pasar la oportunidad de crear una huella, de formar una identidad y de ser distintos.

Os invito a ver estas fotos que realizó una querida amiga; Xandra (@Xandradekok) durante un día de paseo por el retiro.













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