Fashion minimalist and vintage enthusiast. Here is a short collection of ideas, images and stories by me for women like me. Enjoy.

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Look at the stars



We will do it all, everything. On our own.

We don’t need anything or anyone.

When you know you are the one. You know you can make it. You know you are good enough.

You have this image in your mind. It has not yet become a reality but it’s still there, living in your imagination. The only thing keeping you from success is yourself.

Stretch out your hand and take it.

Nothing is stopping you.



This EDIT was inspired almost a year ago when I was invited to visit the Oysho Showroom in Madrid during the showcase of the AW 2015 collection. The event took place in the Hub and as usual, it was beautifully set out. The exquisite selection of Colours and clothing forms captivated me at once and it took me a bike ride back to work to realize that I had already decided to create this EDIT. I picked up my phone and speed dialed me dear Adriana’s number. She picked up, expectant and I told her, “I have an idea”.

She soon became as excited as I was and we set to contact Oysho and their representatives, we had already worked with them before so they knew us.

At that point, Ignacio, from The Cool Models got in touch with Adriana referencing her beautiful images and offered us the chance to photograph Lucia and Misha together. We were thrilled to work with these two fairies.

Months later, when the dawn light was exactly right, we scheduled the shoot at a location an hour away from the city center. I had seen the place before, but only in my head when I closed my eyes. We did not know how to get there, we just knew the direction. It was Saturday at 7am. We set out and when we arrived at a bridge and saw the crystal clear water….we stopped and set to work just after having sent your google location to the other team members who were following our trail.

We took a little less than two hours. When you have a team such as this one, the results just show up effortlessly.

When the images started to take place, Adriana got together to review the results. We then decided to give the EDIT a little twist with some ART and collage work. Here is when we came in contact with Fernanco Casado. His work is exquisite. Feel free to check it out.


This was the story of how we carried out this EDIT EXCLUSIVE on Paper for BACK Magazine.

I hope you enjoy the images.




Full Credits:

Photography – Adriana Roslin

Art Direction – Cristina Carranza & Adriana Roslin

Styling – Cristina Carranza

Clothing – Oysho, Roberto Verino, Roberto Torreta, & Other Stories, Urban Outfitters

Assistants – Teresa Martinez & Ramon Serrano

Collage & Art Work – Fernando Casado





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12169651_10207673424374876_1254817781_o  12168666_10207672850360526_921976118_o 12787349_10208567932537021_1470074541_o  12787259_10208567932697025_338882633_o  12499091_10208567932737026_1635256915_o  12810191_10208567931056984_199943596_o


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