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The Outlaws



Times are changing, you can hear the rumble on the streets. Now comes the moment of the outlaws and the renegades. They are bored of normality and the common being, they are thirsty for the non-existent and the element of surprise. The time of the misfits and freaks of nature is dawning and soon they will not have to walk in shadows. Soon, they will be recognized for who they truly are. The champions of change. The hard workers and the misunderstood.

They have always been there, behind the screen, always lived around others without being noticed, waiting for the chance to shine. Everyone knows the feeling of not-belonging, everyone knows what it is like “not to fit in”. Just like the last puzzle piece that does never quite fit. The thing is, the problem is never the last piece.

A new time is coming where for the first time, true difference and talent will be prized and everyone will be able to be recognized for their “uniqueness” and willingness to succeed. Today I call out to all those who refuse to follow the rules and are true to their own being. Be prepared, soon it will be your time to shine.

I dedicate this post to all my dear friends who are extremely talented artists, so they may get the recognition they deserve. May you all have the courage to show your true selves.

Total Look: COS

Shades: Loewe


El tiempo pasa y los momentos cambian. Se respira en el aire que las personas están cansadas de ver siempre lo mismo. Hartas de ser alimentadas de copias de historias sin espontaneidad e innovación. Llega el momento de aquellos sin miedo a sorprender. Las personas que crean con talentos no vistos, ideas maravillosas, imaginación hasta ahora inexistente. Hay sed de cosas nuevas y es hora de enterrar el pasado.

Todos sabemos cómo es sentirse “fuera”, ser aquella persona que no acaba de encajar, tener mucho que demostrar sin oportunidad de hacerlo…está llegando el momento de los ignorados. Los creativos frustrados y el talento de la calle. Ser único, ahora es bueno.

Este post lo dedico a mis conocidos artistas que tienen mucho que ofrecer y poca visibilidad, para que sigan con la fuerza y las ganas de dar a conocer su trabajo al mundo.











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