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The Halo Effect




When we are immersed in the depth of photography, fashion and styling, there are no rules and there are no boundaries. Despite it seeming that most of the time one may be planning, scheming, prepping and executing a particular shoot or atmosphere, in fact, the greatest time spaces are dedicated to the initial “innovation” step.

What does this “innovation” step mean? Well.. put simply, it is when I ask the photographer… “so then what will be different this time?” After this phrase, I have a collection of poker faces shot back at me in several situations. You see, for the artist, it is very easy to fall into a false sense of security. Once one feels that one has obtained a great result, your dumbfounded public will not be happy when presented with exactly the same result, over and over again. The truth is…we come from the restless generation and nothing is enough. Surprise lasts for an instance and once it is over, they want more and better…this is why the process of innovation never ends.

Every “creative” must be constantly thinking of ways to reinvent themselves, of finding new ways of expression of their talent and to always please the audience in the way they except how and when they expect it.

This was one of the reasons why I very recently decided to explore the “halo” effect. This provides images with a soft filter that makes them look dreamy and unreal-like. Together with the use of a flash, this can transport you to another era.

I hope you enjoy the images.

Self-Pictures – Alex Sedano

Others – The Universe of Tumblr

En el mundo creativo, es fácil caer en una falsa sensación de seguridad. Muchas veces nos vemos teniendo que reinventarnos para satisfacer unos estándares infinitos que de forma adicional y con el momento de ahora necesitan un ritmo de cambio abrumador. Estamos en la generación del “click”, lo que nos gusta, lo queremos y lo queremos de forma inmediata.

Uno se podría imaginar que la gran parte del tiempo se dedica en la realización y materialización de una editorial de moda…la verdad es que no es cierto. Lo más costoso en términos del tiempo es la preparación. Durante esta fase es en la que me encuentro frecuentemente preguntando al fotógrafo/a…y esta vez… ¿Qué vamos a hacer de forma distinta?

Por esta razón, en las últimas sesiones, estoy decidiendo probar un estilo un poco distinto. Uno con el conocido “Efecto Halo”. Con la ayuda de unos tintes y quizá un repentino Flash, se puede transportar al público a otro momento en el tiempo por medio de una imagen.

Espero que os gusten.












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