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The World of G.I.F



During one of the last editorial test shoots that I took part with my friend Charly, we found ourselves reminiscing about the comings and goings of the Fashion industry, how everything has changed so quickly in the past years and how we are seeing it change exponentially in the coming months and hopefully years. It is true that there are certain cyclical aspects that make usual trends common and recyclable. This is the reason why we constantly see items from our past that start to seem more appealing and fashionable when just a few years back they made us hide our heads in shame like ostriches.

Deep in thought, a new theme came up that I admit had peaked my curiosity but not enough to have fully conversed about. In fashion we are starting to see the GIF phenomenon. We have come from the paperback to the virtual and online, from the static to the dynamic and now, it seems we have found the hybrid of the two.

Once our conversation was over, I decided to investigate a little about exactly how deep these new methods of expression have entered into our world. I found several examples of artists that in and out of the fashion world, in all shapes and sizes are starting to make a name for themselves within the GIF industry. I invite that you check out some of the below;

Jaime has a very urban/indie style with a clear focus on the youth-culture. I feel some of his creations are mesmerizing due to their raw meaning and common imagery. It feels one could almost cross some of the scenes he portrays any random day.

Isabel has a mix of an exquisite eye for art and a great sense of humor. Her naughty twist to most of her GIFs make them have a great deal of personality, making them go beyond what merely meets the eye.

Sam has a very clean and minimal but almost provocative style. He takes beautiful photography but turns the result into another sort of work of art making them almost uncomfortable images to look at. The ideas he has are at the same time natural and awfully disturbing. I guess this is the reaction an artist is supposed to look for in their public.

Greta is one of my favorite for her clear focus on fashion. She takes the usual high-fashion leading sources and from them, finds her inspiration.

I had a go at creating my own (took more time than I expected to obtain the final result).




Durante uno de mis “shoots” más recientes, trabajando con mi amigo Charly nos pusimos a conversar sobre el vaivén del mundo de moda, las tendencias de las que venimos y las señales de la dirección que estamos tomando ahora. En esta conversación, me introdujo en el mundo de los .GIFs (mezcla perfecta de imágenes estáticas para crear un resultado dinámico).

Decidí entonces adentrarme en este mundo curioso de los GIFs y esto fue lo que encontré.

Jaime tiene un estilo muy enfocado hacia el ámbito indie con un “twist” juvenil. Sus escenas muestran capítulos cotidianos que nos podemos encontrar en nuestro día a día. La crudeza de sus imágenes con el toque de animación provoca una sensación contagiosa de vitalidad.

Isabel tiene un ojo exquisito para las obras de arte que mezclado con su gran sentido del humor consigue la creación de protestas sutiles contemporáneas con mensajes punzantes caracterizados por sus frases atrevidas.

Sam se protege de un estilo minimal y fotografía con un estilo muy humano y real. Sus imágenes podrían ser retratos si no fuera por sus evoluciones animadas que nos llevan del campo de lo seguro a lo inseguro. Sam consigue crear de lo “común” creaciones casi inquietantes con sus ojos parpadeantes y formas de cuerpos retorcidas.

Greta es una de mis artistas de .gifs favorita al estar (¿cómo no?) basada en el ámbito de la moda.

Espero que os gusten sus creaciones.



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