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My Name is Manuela


Sin ti¦ütulo-6


Exclusive for VANIDAD.




When I get up in the morning … All I can see is music.


Please, no sugar in my coffee… I like it ripe.


It seems it may rain outside…


I believe I am a child of the world. No origin and all destinations.


My Name is M.A.N.U.E.L.A…and girls like me rule the world.


This is the last EDIT that remains to be published from out trip to London last June. It is truly incredible how Adriana and I took on this personal and professional project with vast determination and little setbacks. We are very slowly making our dream come true. Making a profession out of our passion and what we enjoy the most. We have ideas and we make them real. We have no limits when we imagine. We have no obstacles to what we are able to create.

I want to thank Diego Estrada for craze-driving my booty to MAD4 Airport and allowing me to catch that flight. Thanks to my sister Bea for her help with the VERSACE pieces she managed to procure for our shoots. Thanks to all the makeup and hair artists that without knowing us and with very little background trusted that we would come through. Thank you to my London Friends who allowed us to have great fun and great party.

Thanks to all who followed our journey. This is only the beginning…more to come soon.



PhotographyAdriana Roslin

Styling Cristina Carranza

Art Direction – Cristina CarranzaAdriana Roslin

MakeupClaire Urquhart

Model Manuela Lazic (Models1_UK)

ClothingVERSACE Official, TopShop, Pippa Lynn, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Addidas, Blake London, Sister Jane







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