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After a very long wait. I am finally back, back to work, back to Madrid, back to life and back to doing what it is that keeps my mind busy…

It has been a fully packed summer with comings and goings and also several highlights to mention, you may have managed to catch a glimpse of some if you follow my IG (that has very recently changed FYI) @cristinacarranzavn.

I can sum up my feeling of return, not as sorrow for leaving all the fun behind but more as a challenge to what more can be done and what projects await further on.

Looking back through some of my latest pieces, I came upon this EDIT selection. This was one of our tests during our London Adventure back in June (Adriana Roslin & I). At some point, we decided to try to capture the essence of the Urban Britt Youth. It is interesting to see when to travel from one place to another, how the tone and personality of the people there seem to come to life. You manage to detect these slight hints of style and poise that make a clan of individuals different and stand out from the rest. For us it was fascinating to let ourselves be overwhelmed with all these new inspirations of smell, sight and sound that all together created a way of being, a form of life.

We met LEAH and automatically fell in love with her physique. She was very different to anyone we had ever had the chance to photograph. She had a cheeky glare that portrayed innocence but with her ways and flares when she walked and talked, she seemed to impersonate a character of a more mature nature.

We took a stroll through the well-known South-Ken Area and while treating ourselves to a very cherished Starbucks goodie, we created this small selection of images that for us is the symbol of how important it is to have a unique voice through your image. How good it is to create an identity through what you wear and how you come across to others. When your peers are able to identify you through your style…that is when you have really become something unique.

Today we present to you LEAH wearing Daniel Cerdan, Marina London and Kelly London.

Photography – Adriana Roslin

Styling – Cristina Carranza


Sin título-15

Sin título-14

La vuelta de las vacaciones puede hacerse un poco dura… llegar de nuevo a la rutina y lentamente darse cuenta de que lo bueno del verano no sólo ha terminado sino que la ciudad y el trabajo nos recibe con lluvia y lo que queda hasta Navidad se pierde en el horizonte de un futuro desconocido… (Quedan 16 semanas…las he contado)…

Quitando esta ligera sensación de pena por haber dejado detrás muy buenos tiempo y muchas risas, admito mirar el futuro cercano con ganas y ambición por volver qué proyectos nuevos puedo llevar a cabo.

Haciendo un repaso sobre algunas de las últimas editoriales de moda sobre las que he trabajado, me he quedado sorprendida y parada por esta. Fotografiamos a LEAH durante nuestra última aventura en Londres y recordando la experiencia, me envuelve una nostalgia al recordar el ambiente londinense que tan querido es para mí.

LEAH tenía la misma personalidad en persona como aquella que emanan estas imágenes. Era capaz de disparar una mirada divertida e inocente a la vez y tenía una energía en sus movimientos que reflejaba su estilo personal. Ella me recuerda lo importante que es tener una identidad propia, una esencia personal que hace que sea fácil reconocerte incluso cuando no estás delante. Un estilo propio que ocasione que aquellas personas que te conocen reclamen “es muy …”. Cuando finalmente consigues eso, es cuando puedes estar seguro de haber creado algo único.

Espero que os gusten las imágenes.







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