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Down by the Phoenix



We all have those moments where we feel the current flows in one direction yet our being pulls us in the other. Sometimes the push is too strong. The way we act, the things we do, something about them just feels wrong because we are not really where we are supposed to be. You know the feeling, because at some point, for just a moment in time, you have felt it before. You will be alive, but not actually living because your life will be a picture of a life you don’t want to live. You will be aware of this, you will feel it deep down, you will try to convince yourself to believe likewise, but the only one you will eventually not manage to fool is yourself.

But maybe… if you let yourself go, you may, just may…met again on the other side. When you loosen your tight grip on your preconceived version of the truth and flow downstream into the dark you may just see the light once you reach the sea.

Let us go on this journey together. You go left and I’ll go right.

We can make it into something wonderful without even having to try.

This way we will never have to say goodbye because we will be true to who we are and meet again on the other side. Different people but still somehow the same.

Let us walk freely into an empty cinema.

Let us dance on our own.

Let us close our eyes and imagine a beautiful life in a beautiful life.




Photography – Adriana Roslin

Art Direction – Cristina Carranza & Adriana Roslin

Styling – Cristina Carranza

Clothing – Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Kelly Love London


Special thanks to Style & Talent for their mention. <3





Muchas veces nos dejamos llevar por las corrientes de la vida y en muchas ocasiones no van en las direcciones que deseamos. Las reglas de supervivencia sociales marcan unas pautas fáciles de seguir y difíciles de romper.

Es el momento de dejarse llevar, arriesgarnos a perdernos en la oscuridad de la incertidumbre. Quizá resurjamos al otro lado con una visión distinta, una vida diferente. Quizá no somos conscientes de lo que podemos lograr.

Seamos como la chica que no tiene miedo de entrar en el cine sola, aquella que baila en medio de la pista sin acompañante y la que lleva una sonrisa tatuada en su rostro.

Seamos como la persona que solo tiene ganas de cambiar las cosas.

Os presento a Lizzy.

Sesión exclusiva para Vein Magazine.


















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