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Valentina for Versace



Today I want to speak about the Girl who likes to stand out. The one that never looks over her shoulder because she knows she will meet a Stanger’s stare or two.

The one that walks with her head held high, with a silent smile and eyes that look straight forward but have a sensual twitch at the ends. This is the type of woman that has everlasting legs but still refuses to wear anything but heels.

This is a post for the girl that wearing the outrageous has style on her side and elegance in her stride.

Today, we bring to you the Versace Girl.

Model – Valentina

Photography – Adriana Roslin

Art Direction – Cristina Carranza & Adriana Roslin

Clothing – Versace, Kelly Love London

Location – Kensington


Hoy os venimos a presentar a aquella mujer que sin llevar tacones sigue consiguiendo que sus pisadas suenen avisando a todos que ella se avecina. La chica con los labios finos que esconden una sonrisa y que con una mirada firme mantiene la diversión y la sensualidad en la profundidad de sus ojos.

La mujer que con piernas infinitas no tiene miedo de que sean expuestas al público y que con una belleza sinigual lleva cadenas de una forma milagrosa, consiguiendo que sean elegantes.

Hoy os presentamos a la mujer que lleva Versace.












Sin título-2





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