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There is something about old movies … have you noticed?

They are always tinted in red.

Even before you realize exactly what moment in time they come from, it is immediately evident that they are not familiar to our present. I, for instance feel a moving nostalgia that I was born in the wrong moment. I believe I belong to the beauty of the past. When I gaze at old photographs, I feel I am missing something, I feel sorry for not being able to experience all that happened before. It seems that I left on a very long trip while the past was taking place and now I have just returned.

Now I look back as if through an album of old memories.

Today I tint this imagery of red, I want to create a scene as if it happened long ago.

I want to print my fingertips in time and I want to remember all that is lived and all that is felt.

I want to stop any of it from escaping.

I want to relive life again and again making sure never to lose track of everything important.

Today, we are all part of an old movie and the script is yet to be written.


Look – Zara

Shoes – Uterqüe

Bag – Nine West



¿Alguna vez os habéis dado cuenta de que algo les pasa a las películas antiguas?

Están todas teñidas de rojo …

Muchas veces, cuando observo una imagen del pasado me encuentro sintiendo una pena extraña por no haber podido vivir en persona todo lo que ya ha acontecido. Me entristece pensar que hay experiencias que nunca podré experimentar.

Muchas veces, siento que debí nacer en otra época, que de alguna forma me fui de viaje durante décadas y que acabo de volver, habiéndome perdido un mar de memorias.

Hoy, creo una rotura en el misterio del tiempo, le dedico al pasado una pequeña historia pintada de rojo. Hoy formamos parte de una película antigua pero con una particularidad.

El guion está aún por escribir.















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