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Walking in London


Foto 1

Hello Dear All,

As some of you may have seen, for the past weeks, I have moving about a little. My dear Adriana Roslin and I, after being summoned by a few UK based brands, decided it was time to take the plunge and go on a ramble up in the north…

Here is a little sneak peek of what we did and what is to come. I admit I have, once again fallen in love with the city in which I grew up in. London has something in its spirit, it is just a feeling…a sensation of movement…of hubbub…it is a buzz of life that makes excitement spur deep within.

At least this is the way we experienced it.

For this short preview and after having skipped through my latest instagram shots, I noticed that there was a recurring theme in almost all of my images.

Did you notice?

I consider myself to be a heel sort of person but to my surprise…my subconscious mind has decided likewise.

This is a small ode to trainers and anything that looks like them.

Thank you heavenly shoes….I do not know what I would have done without you.

During my usual scavenger hunt I found this super page with great pricing for New Balance, Nike, Adidas… am usually reluctant to the high prices some brands impose so am super happy for places like these. Thanks SportZone. 🙂

Foto 10

Como quizá sabréis (por IG), durante las últimas semanas, he estado junto a mi querida Adriana Roslin dando saltos por la preciosa ciudad de Londres por razones creativas de trabajo. Tomando como consejo una frase de una ahora nueva amiga; Kelly de Kelly Love London (pronto sabréis más), cuando una viaja, es importante trabajar (por supuesto) pero también pasarlo bien #workhardplayhard.

Además de estar sumergidas en un mar de reuniones y compromisos editoriales, nos hemos dedicado a investigar Londres en búsqueda de lugares fotográficos y conociendo marcas y estilismos ajenos a nuestra experiencia pasada.

Dando un repaso por mi IG, me he dado cuenta de que hay un factor nuevo recurrente; el zapato deportivo. Esto me ha sorprendido siendo yo, una gran fan del tacón pero admito que no se qué habría hecho sin mis Nike o Adidas clásicas…por eso les dedico este post, a ellas, por haberme salvado la vida,  (y a SportZone. que recientemente descubrí por casualidad y que ha hecho que mi nueva afición por las deportivas no hunda del todo el estado de mi cuenta corriente) – si estáis buscando chollitos del estilo (ya que es Sporting está muy “in”), os invito a ver estos ejemplares New Balance, Nike, Adidas…

Foto 9


Manuela wearing Topshop & Versace

Adri with her Nikes

Foto 8

Foto 7

Foto 6

Leah wearing Daniel Cerdán & Adidas…

Foto 5


Eva with a sole Adidas… outfit – I’m sorry but I can’t show more of this EDIT as it is scheduled to be published soon on a Magazine you may or may not have heard of 😉 ….soon more.

Foto 4


More of leah with her Adidas… with a total look from Blake London.

Foto 3

All Images taken with my iphone 😉


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