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All of the billions of doors you had to close before you took a single step forward. All the destinations that you didn’t buy a ticket to.

All the fantasies that stay dormant in your head.

Everything that you are giving up just to be where you are right now.

Stuck in only one body, in one place at one time.


Today, accompanying this EDIT featuring pieces from Miranda x Lydia (Miranda M.) and COS I would like to introduce you to a recent discovery of mine. 

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows is one of the most creative concepts that I have come upon in some time. It is the proof that everyone has a deep inner double being that strives to standout in ways not possible without the expansion and visibility achievable through social media and online marketing.

This peculiar blog is based in the idea, that not all words knows to humanity have the right to exist, but that everyone, in every different situation is able to feel and create sensations that others can relate to without even being aware of it. For this week, I have chosen ONISM.

ONISM – the awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience

I invite you to visit the blog, the writer, you will see is extremely talented and with the help of imagery and sound, he is able to transport you to a parallel universe of feeling and melancholy. I am moved by almost all his new word inventions.



Hoy, acompañando esta última editorial con prendas de Miranda x Lydia (Miranda M.) y COS me gustaría compartir uno de mis más recientes descubrimientos creativos. Esta vez, la temática se aleja del mundo de la moda.

El “Dictionary of Obsure Sorrows es uno de los conceptos más creativos que he tenido el placer de encontrar en mucho tiempo. Es la prueba definitiva de que todos tenemos un sentido interior deseando darse a conocer de otras formas a las tradicionales.

Este blog parte de la idea de que no todas las palabras que conocemos tienen el derecho de existir. Demuestra que hay muchas sensibilidades y pensamientos que todos sentimos pero que nunca hemos podido reconocer con un nombre, con una palabra que lo identifique.

 Para esta presentación, he elegido una de mis favoritas –  ONISM.

ONISM – the awareness of how little of the world you’ll experience

Os invito a que conozcáis el blog un poco más de cerca. Es muy probable que os cautive de la misma forma.


Photography: Adriana Roslin

Make-up: Vanessa Moreno

Styling: Cristina Carranza

Clothing: COS & Mirando x Lydia

Model: Natalia (VIEW Management)










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