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I found this video about freckled faces and it really got me thinking about the uniqueness of women. Today, many argue that the image of beauty is somewhat altered and has been manipulated to meet several social standards that do not necessarily have to be shared by everyone.

It is also true that many young girls find themselves influenced by these standards that they see surrounding them. In some cases it can even create a sense of false reality or subtle fiction that simulates the truth but never really reaches it.

What we see in magazines is beauty, it is true, but it must be seen as a biased beauty. It is an image chosen by a very few. We must never forget that beauty also means innovation and standing out. Today the charm of being unique and comfortable in one’s skin is (at last) starting to take over once more. When we look at social media, marketing and TV commercials, we must try to take only the ideas of what they are showing us, as some sort of show, but never to be taken as inspiration. We will never be able to live up to the expectations of others better than to our own.

FILM – Nowness

This film really got me thinking about the importance of truly understanding that we are all different and that the most beauty comes from the girl who is happy with who she is. It is true that we will always have things we will want to change, to improve about ourselves but I beg that you always see these as personal decisions and not decisions made by the ideals of others.

Ideals become fashion…fashions change…this is the rule of the world of today – we must be loyal to who we are and respect and accept our person as a most treasured possession.




Muchas veces nos dejamos influenciar por lo que nos rodea. Podemos llegar a perder la percepción de la realidad. Todos los días nos bombardeamos con conceptos de la belleza que han sido elegidos por otros. Nos enfrentamos de forma automática a un mundo sesgado por las opiniones de los demás.

Una vez más, navegando por el mundo de Nowness encontré esta pequeña joya que habla sobre lo importante que es sentirse cómoda con nuestra persona. Tranquilas sabiendo que hemos llegado al mundo de esta forma por una razón. Siempre hay cosas que se pueden mejorar, cambiar, remediar…

Es necesario tomar la decisión de ser felices con cómo somos, allí nace el orgullo de ser únicas.

Fotografía – Adriana Roslin

Vestido – Caquilala





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