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Once upon…



When I work during my moodboarding and I try to visualize exactly what it is that I want to portray, I find that very often, the final outcome has very little to do with my initial plan. It seems this exercise of all the thinking and the making of…the planning and the discussions…what clothes shall we wear, what style makeup do we want, what tone do we want to create…all these aspects of every shoot are pondered, styled and planned. In my recent experience I have come to find that creating Editorial work is usually the fruit of a series of colliding events. One thing starts one way, then it leads to another, and another, and so on…

Almost, as if you were is a dream.

You know where you come from and you know where you want to go but you will never truly be able to control your journey. You may even end up somewhere completely different to where you started to begin with. This is the joy of the work that I do. I trust my team to the point that no matter the situation, no matter the outcome … I know it will be good. I know we will do well.

After all, this is what we do…this is what we are good at….

And when it is all over, the imagery finished, the work is done…this is when you wake up…back to reality, the result is what it is. There is no going back. The only thing that lingers is the feeling urging you to start over and do it all again.

This Dream is our interpretation of Beba’s Dream. Beba’s Closet is a Spanish brand based in Madrid, specialized in making the ideal wedding dresses for young brides who just like us, have their own dream and wish not to wake up.

Today we take you to a fairy tale place where all is make belief and no one but yourself is in charge.

Come make this dream your own.


Dresses – Beba’s Closet

Headsets – El Taller de Lucía

Photography – Adriana Roslin

Art Direction – Adriana Roslin & Cristina Carranza

Make-up – Vanessa Moreno

Styling – Cristina Carranza

Model – Emma Zethelius

Also on June Lemon


Cuando me decido a emprender uno de estos proyectos de dirección creativa. Me envuelvo en un limbo de pensamientos y rompecabezas de color, materiales y estilismos. Es complicado de explicar pero las ideas se entremezclan y se casan entre sí creando soluciones muy distintas a las que había maquinado inicialmente.

Esto es lo que me atrae de mi trabajo. El hecho de poder empezar por el norte y terminar en el sur. Admito que he aprendido a tener una confianza incorruptible en mi equipo. Tengo claro que da igual cómo se empiece, los obstáculos que se presenten, los retrasos, las roturas, los flashes…siempre va a salir algo que nos defina y que merezca la pena.

El proceso es parecido a entrar en un sueño. Sabes quién eres, sabes de dónde vienes, sabes dónde quieres llegar…pero no puedes controlar el proceso por el cual llegas a tu meta…y de pronto…te despiertas…

Esta vez, hemos intentado dar vida al sueño de Beba’s Closet. Hemos dado vida a la novia que reside dentro del cuento de hadas. La novia misteriosa y dulce que siempre está allí, en nuestras mentes. La mujer mágica que puede hipnotizar con la mirada.

Espero que os guste nuestra historia.















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