Fashion minimalist and vintage enthusiast. Here is a short collection of ideas, images and stories by me for women like me. Enjoy.

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We also are Holyki


When Begoña from Holyki came up to us with the idea of this exciting new project. At first we admit we did not know what to think. The concept of her work was new and it became a challenge that we unaware where the goal was heading.

Once we met and started to work together, the theme, idea and method started to become clearer. Unfortunately, we are unable to share her final outcome as it is yet to be constructed but I will prompt you all once the piece of art is complete.

Behold our short interpretation of Holyki.

Photography – Adriana Roslin

Art Direction – I feel that a bit of us…

Styling – Holyki

Makeup – Vanessa Moreno


Cuando Begoña de Holyki nos contactó por primera vez, admitimos que su concepto causó en nosotras una ligera sensación de confusion. Decidimos unirnos al reto y no fue hasta el día que nos reunimos que conseguimos entender su objetivo y empezar a compartir su idea.

No podemos mostrar el resultado final aun ya que todavía queda por completar pero cuando esté terminado, os lo haré saber.

Espero que os guste esta pequeña participación.

Fotografía – Adriana Roslin

Dirección de Arte – I feel that a bit of us…

Estilismo – Holyki

Maquillaje – Vanessa Moreno










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