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Visiting the Alvarno Show


I am aware that is has been some time and delay since the last post. Unfortunately, in this industry, Fashion Week, being a very much awaited event also brings along the two busiest times of the year. These short weeks are filled with meetings, catwalks, street shows and events. During the Madrid session I was able to visit together with little Pilar Hormaechea (one of my frequent partners in crime) to the Alvarno Show. I admit that is was one of the best displays I have seen yet and won the award to best MBFW show this Winter/Autumn 2015 edition. Congratulations to Alvarno.

I hope you enjoy these street-style images posted by Vogue Streetstyle.






Es cierto que me he retrasado en publicaciones últimamente. Las semanas de la moda, siendo momentos de gran expectación y mucha preparación, también se convierten en unas de las semanas más caóticas y ocupadas del año para el mundo de la moda. Durante la última jornada, tuve la suerte de poder asistir junto a Pilar Hormaechea al desfile de Alvarno entre otros. Alvarno nos deleitó con un espectáculo inigualable premiado por su excelencia.

Os dejo estas imágenes de Vogue Streetstyle.





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