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A Place in Castille



Some days back I visited a beloved place of mine where I spent many weekends enjoying the country, away from the havoc of the city.

To keep our sanity, it is sometimes important to have those places we can retrieve to to meditate, relax and enjoy quality time away from the city.

In my case, this place is lost in the heart of Burgos, north of the Spanish Capital. It is a cold wintery place surrounded by forest but surprisingly has a cosy flare to it.

I hope you are able to find your own place of retrieval.

Enjoy the pictures.


Hace unos días pude visitar un pueblo en el Corazón de Burgos. En este lugar he pasado muchos fines de semana resguardada del ajetreo de la ciudad.

Espero que vosotros podáis encontrar un lugar semejante para poder desconectar.

Espero que os gusten las imágenes.










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