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Aristocrazy Trippin’




To end the week, I leave you a small sparkly tastes of the Spanish Jewelry brand Aristocrazy.

After just a couple of years creating havoc among the South-European youth, they are slowly starting to captivate hearts from abroad.

I was able to understand and discover the brand a little more while “coffee-timing” with Berta Bernad who is currently working as a Brand Consultant for the now very famous Jeweler.

I hope you enjoy the pictures that both Inés Ybarra-Pasch and Berta took of a few select tokens.

More info on their web.

Thanks girls for you talk and time.



Hace un par de semanas tuve la suerte de poder aprender de una marca que descubrí hace muy poco.

Dentro de la sencillez, Aristocrazy consigue dar a sus joyitas un toque moderno y diferente.

Habiendo cautivado ya muchos corazones de nuestro país, poco a poco crecen y son cada vez más conocidos.

Pude conocer un poco de su trayectoria durante un rato de café con Berta Bernad, que actualmente colabora con ellos.

Gracias Inés Ybarra y Berta por estas preciosas fotos.




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