Fashion minimalist and vintage enthusiast. Here is a short collection of ideas, images and stories by me for women like me. Enjoy.

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Tell me all your secrets




Last weekend…when I usually work for the Blog and my current photographic projects whilst entertaining myself in another masculine shoot, I started thinking about the message that I wanted to display. The idea I wanted to create, the feeling I wished to inspire with the after then carefully selected short fashion series. The truth is, when brainstorming for the place, the materials, the models, we never really know what will be the outcome. There is a suffocating feeling in our gut that tells us we will never be good enough, we won’t be able to show what is inside our heads, and our viewers will get the wrong message.



This is why, I need you to tell me all of your secrets. J Come confide in me and I will give you what you want to see.

Thank you all. For being there…thank you for just being. I think of you when I work.

These are a few pictures Adriana took during short breaks between shots. I hope you enjoy them. I hope you can see how I enjoy what I do. I can truthfully say I feel identified in these pictures. This is how I would like to be remembered.








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