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Wake-Up Call


The woman of today is no ordinary being. She must master all the tasks she takes on with the yearning feeling that it will never be enough. We have come of age in a moment in time where the limit does not exist and failure means not being able to surpass our own previous accomplishments.

Today, we must be IT, we must be champions, we must be Heroines. Enough is never enough and any glance back will allow someone else to overrun you towards the finish line. The thing is, there is no finish line, we are all running towards a goal with no end. The battle begins with every step we take in order to continue. There are no options to slow down just the strength of each other to fuel our path. Let us hold hands then and be ONE together. Let us master the art of life with friendships to keep us running, let us learn to have fun  …  because this is what we must do for the rest of our lives.

There is nothing that beats the thrill of staying in the race.

This is a post for all those ladies that never stop, that find fault in perfection and that strive to do more, be better and grow greater. This is a message for the creators of the world. Us ladies, we shall thrive.



Las mujeres de hoy deben ser invencibles, únicas, ideales, perfectas… debemos poder llegar a todo y que parezca nada, que el esfuerzo de la exactitud no se note y no dejar que nos despeine por el camino. Si no llegamos a 1000 cosas al día, no llegamos a nada.

Dedico este post a todas esas chicas que trabajan, llevan sus aficiones al día, disfrutan aprendiendo, se ocupan de sus amigas y personas cercanas y al final del día, siguen teniendo ganas de más. Aquellas damas que nunca están saciadas con las 24 horas del día. Vosotras sabéis quiénes sois.


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