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Maider is a name from the north. For those not familiar with the segmentation present in our lovely country; Spain, within a fairly homogenous region, many different types and sorts live in harmony and unison (most of the time).

Last week, during a special dedication to Anine Bing, we decided to roughen up the style and give it a more masculine genre. Behold; Maider.

Adriana and I are trying to experiment with light, feelings and mostly fashion in order to create themes that inspire and push viewers to make these styles their own.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Special thanks to Anine Bing, Fashion District and of course, the beautiful Maider from View Management for posing for us.

Make-up: Paula Calzada


Buenos días. 🙂

Hoy, como de costumbre últimamente os traemos una editorial de tonos suaves y líneas rectas.

Maider la chica del norte (View Management) posó para nosotras (Adriana Roslin y yo) con prendas de Anine Bing.

Hace poco, una querida amiga me llamó la atención por el estilo más serio de los últimos post. Pronto llegará algo con un poco de color.

Espero que os gusten las fotos.

Gracias Adriana y gracias Maider










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