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What goes around comes around….or so they say.

In this case, what goes around goes around once…around twice…..and so on…

This is the fun thing about polka dots; they make something dull turn to something fun in a sweet unrepetitive way.

Take the chance to be feminine, wherever, whenever you can. No one can deny what we are, we must learn to feel comfortable in our own skin and understand that those responsible for us not feeling at peace with who we are, are the faces that quite frequently stare back through the mirror.

We are like little polka dots, different sizes and colors, but perfect and round around the edges.

Be unique.

Closet42_polka2 Closet42_polka3 Closet42_polka4 closet42_polka5 closet42_polka6 closet42_polka7

Shirt: Topshop

Trousers: ZaraCloset42_polka8


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