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Hawley Arms



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To those places ending in “Arms”

On our recent hop to Candem…after the typical touristy stroll, trying to find somewhere to enjoy a nice pint, we arrived after a recommendation from a dear friend at the Hawleys Arms.

The English have this habbit of naming almost all of their pubs “Arms”.

Why is this?


It so happens that in the long gone old days, these meeting points belonged to some noble and hence displayed their “Coat of Arms” as a sign to be recognized by all passersby and visitors.

Others say “Arms” is an evolution of the word “Alms” which meant a form of charity giving for the elderly or poor. These houses were designated by those more powerful in order to house the less wealthy citizens.

This place is one to visit. If you find yourself wondering in the area, do not hesitate to drop by. It manages to hold the essence of the British in a fun a youthful mood.


Shirt: Topshop

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