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Let it be…




I like to take those trips, the ones that take me to past. That make me remember the good I found and the people I met. The nature of the soul is pure and good. If it turns cold, the being holds no fault.

I like to hold on to the good, make it stay for a while. Make myself believe it will go on forever.

Dive into the memories that make me feel alive. It is due to those moments, that we create our history. Those are the instances worth taking on the journey forward.

Let us make all our lives thrive on such instances. Let us own our future and reign over our paths. Let us free to make the choice of who we want to become. Let us keep the beauty of a blooming flower and the power of a fortress.

Let us learn to live forever.




Trying to control all that surrounds us is a characteristic that will haunt its bearer. Randomness has a way if intertwining between everything in an unpredictable way where chance plays the role of fate. There is no real way of knowing what will be, where we will go, who we will become. The important part to living life is avoiding getting lost on the journey.

This post reminds me of the beauty of the unpredictable, the warmth of uncertainty that being so cold, does not scare us, does not master our actions. The way we embrace it with the innocence of a child, we do not know…but somehow, we trust.










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