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For the last time…


Flying with a little less weight on my shoulders I am returning back to the origins.


P1250103 P1250091

It seems funny and even a little evil how your vision and path changes without making a sound, with no trace of modification and no sign of where it is going. For a second that you hesitate and turn around, you see that all you thought you knew is no longer there and those faces that stay staring back hold no resemblance.


P1250093 P1250094


This is when the ground below you seems far below having nothing to do with your heels.

Uncertainty is uncertain…how deep. 😉

So here goes, a new path …more steps laid out before me…more challenges and future conquests. I feel uneasy. I feel fragile…so for this last time…I am going to let my skin feel the sun…and go back to the beginning.



More coming, more soon.

Welcome the old back….in the mood for a little retro?


P1250108  P1250106P1250104 P1250114 P1250113



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