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Playing with the Big Boys



This blogging craze is starting not to be something so new as it was to us before. Slowly, this hobby is taking part of our daily routine and we are beginning to be more and more aware of others like us out there.


It’s not the first time we have heard that the world-wide web is so full of information no one is really capable of truly understanding the vastness of its reach. Like daisies in a field awakening to spring, inspiration, fashion and lifestyle blogs have begun to sprout wherever we look and lay our gaze.


Realizing this, and the complexity of all the talent we are being bombarded with, we want to give you our blog must haves…those blogs; you should know once the name is spoken.


Today…we will be playing with the Big Boys.

La fiebre de los blogs está lentamente, transformándose en una cotidianidad. Poco a poco, está empezando a formar cada vez más, parte de nuestra vida. Es lo que hacemos cuando tenemos un respiro, un rato libre…ganas de creatividad. 😉


Al adentrarnos cada vez más en el mundo de las fashionistas virtuales, vemos que en esta maraña de blogs en la red, existe un talento incalculable. Una fuente de información inagotable, que sin un rumbo establecido, te envuelve y hace perder el origen que buscabas y el objetivo de tu inspiración.


Por esta razón, hoy, os regalamos los Must-Knows del mundo de la Fotografía y el Fashion Blogging.


Hoy…jugaremos con los mayores.

  1. The Sartorialist
  2. The Coveteur
  3. The Selby
  4. Fashion Toast
  5. 5 inch and up

Special thanks to dear Berta Bernad, she was the first to let us know about some of these amazing blogs!!

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