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Sometimes…somethings only happen to some people. By some gift of randomness in space there are those, who for no apparent reason seem to always be in the way of good luck.

Individuals who have a touch that turns to gold. Without a seeming effort, they manage to be at the correct place just at the right time to win all the lotteries to be won. It is true that these people exist……unfortunately, we are not them.


We suffer calamities like the rest of the world…

We also have to take a step back away from the road on a rainy day because, just like bridget, will be unfortunate and get very …VERY wet.




For those who seem to wonder in search of luck through the maze called life…we have a piece of advice.

It is true that we are not the girls with the golden touch, but we find ways to cross its path from time to time. With a lot of goodwill and a little bit of cheek… it seems from time to time…things do look our way.

We leave you to ponder this….but for the time being…we will be going off to Paris.

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In love with my GafaVintage

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