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My Man’s Pants


Today its time to try something different.

 That queer tickling feeling that sparks up in your mind once you are sure that you have discovered something wonderful. Then the wheel turns and it’s a non-stop one-way ticket to no-mans land where everything is possible, there are no rules and the sky is the limit.

P1240190  P1240188


Boots: Zara

Jeans: Asos

Jacket: Roberto Verino

Jumper: Zara

Pink Top: Zara

Shades: Gafa Vintage

  P1240183 P1240181 P1240173


Closet42_4  Closet_42_1 Closet_42

Fortunately for us…fashion is one of those art escape routes where this theory is materialized and completed. It is freedom through clothing…a free pass to become whoever you want to be.

Today we want to discuss the sex-appeal of men.

They are gorgeous. They know they look good.


Special praise to male cuts and masculine attire. This is an ode to all that is sensual in male beings.


Since Coco Chanel’s sleek style made minimal the new black and Armani took over with suits and jackets all the way to gucci`s hermaphrodite craze in the 2013 being less feminine in a twisted way has gained appeal.


After all… few things are as sexy as wearing your man´s pants?


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