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Blue Velvet




Este fin de semana, tuvimos un rato para dar una vuelta por el Viejo Madrid.

Es una preciosidad y una pena que para muchos, cueste darse cuenta de lo que a uno le rodea.

Esta semana, os invitamos a que os toméis vuestra rutina con un poco más de calma, con ilusión y perspectiva, disfrutando de cada momento con amigos, familia y haciendo eso que más te gusta, el trabajo, tus aficiones…

La vida pasa rápido y únicamente se vive una vez. Aprovechad aquellos momentos para ver y así poder apreciar todo lo que os rodea.


This past weekend we took some time to walk through the old classic part of the city.

Is she not a beauty? It’s a pity…it’s taken us a long time to notice.


Sometimes, we are too busy to realize everything around us. We are so focused in our own routines, we can even bump into strangers without turning back for a split second to say a greeting or a quiet “I’m sorry”. Life is short and fortunately for us, we only live it once. Why fortunately? It forces us to think twice about what we do, we don’t have seven lives or loop holes that will revive us once we are gone…it’s a one way ride and we all know the last stop. Then why is it so hard to stop for a second, take a deep breath and think twice?


If we could live every day twice, we would live stressfully through the first run and on the second one, already knowing the outcome, would be able to enjoy all the lovely details of life. Let’s do ourselves a favour and remember that we don’t have that peculiar talent of reliving each day, it is only one time, one chance one go. Then it’s gone, gone forever, make it worth your while.






Jacket: Hand-Me-Down

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Massimo Dutti

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