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Carven street thug…


Last week I spent a couple of days in Paris for work.

This seasons men’s show has taken a different turn and heads a very different direction to the traditional Carven style. This young, quirky, fun and energetic brand has turned down the lights inspiring its new men’s collection in the traditional American thug from the early twentieth century.



The designer Guillaume Henry:

’I was just looking at all these books of police mug shots, and all these guys, they were anonymous and they were so cool’


s collection more rugged, rough and masculine. It is definitely a direction that we like.


 All the Show pictures have been taken from the Carven media and website.


Here are some pictures that I took during the short trip.

Paris, I have a feeling I’m going to be seeing you again……shortly….

       IMG_0870 IMG_0864 IMG_0859


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