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London Corners




Life is a waiting process. We spend every day waiting for the next thing we are looking forward to. This may be the weekend, holidays, that romantic dinner or a get together with friends. So what does that make our lives? Just a wait? Are we really just waiting all the time?

The thing is, there is nothing wrong with waiting, waiting is life, it’s a different way of living, breathing, seeing and feeling. During that magical wait which makes up our lives we are actually living all those amazing moments that make up our lives. We are learning, we are enjoying and we are growing up.




I took these pictures walking along the street one day while I was running late to meet a friend. Angry with the world, very cold and with a sore on my foot, and suddenly I realized…..its January, I’m in London and it’s one of the most beautiful mornings I have seen in a very long time. At that moment I decided to stop waiting and enjoy the moment, and every other moment, because they are all a blessing and a gift.

Please take some time today and do the same, it’s going to change your day.





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