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Chiara Totire




Some individuals can only be described as infatuating, they have an aura about them that yells something we can’t really figure out but still feel inevitably attracted and allured to. This is what happens to us with our new weekly inspiration; Chiara Totire.

The strange thing about Chiara is that she has a youthful air that surrounds her. Her tomboyish but glam looks give out a feminine air that only someone with her gifted look and mysterious features would be able to pull off.



Internet sources have revealed that she studied pharmaceuticals but nearing the end of the studies realized her ambition lay surrounded by a more sparkling atmosphere and she started her road towards the fashion empires. She has become an Italian leading It Girl and has been featured as a blogger by Grazia.it.

She is also quite present on instagram, so we encourage you to follow her to take a sneak peak at some of her borderline outrageous outfits.


tumblr_mtfb3za9BC1qgtyn5o1_500 tumblr_mts51zDCSj1rbqfkqo1_500


tumblr_mtvj66d4ww1r2byvbo1_1280 tumblr_mui1g2zJK11sjzwboo1_1280


tumblr_muv9uojJBZ1sptraao1_500 tumblr_mvaib7ijBW1rn956wo1_1280


Queen Source: Tumblr and all the magical bloggers that dwell within! Thank you bloggers for your lovely pics!

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