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Holiday Dawn


Crisp 5P1230909

During this holiday festive season, families reunite, friends get in touch and the well awaited presents are finally unwrapped to give way to the end of intrigue and party planning. We all end up with more “stuff” and a few extra pounds as a less sweet than sour unwelcome Christmas present.

With the little extra time we all have been so generously greeted with, don’t forget to visit your loved ones and dedicate some time to do those little errands and give yourself that little extra treat you have been dreaming with for the past months.




P1230903 P1230899

Take a stroll; enjoy the city streets empty but full at the same time with merry cheer. Take a moment to breath in some cold winter air and think, slowly, of all the moments and gifts you have been given this past 2013 and better yet, all that is yet to come.

Take an extra minute to ponder your new year resolutions…but don’t design them to be put in a nothing box at the end of your mind once the holidays are over, make sure that are thoughtfully made to force you to make them come true.

Crisp3 P1230872

What have you been wanting to do for the past year?

What have your plans for the new 2014 been so far?

Make sure you complete them!

With ambition and joy!

We wish you all a happy new year!


Skirt: Zara

Blazer: Roberto Verino

Bag: Versus Versace

Boots: Urban Outfitters (with a little Spunk (bracelets) from Zara)

Scarf: Zara



Music Inspiration: Maxwell Says & Berta Bernad Music Playlists


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