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Influencing Celine


Influences are characterized by 5 different things:

1. They change they way we think

2. We aren’t aware of them

3. They creep up on us

4. When  we least expect it

5. And we don’t even realize it


When we were little we used to go to an all girls school called Lady Eden´s school. Among the 6 different uniforms we HAD to have, the summer uniform was by far the absolute cutest.

Dark blue dresses with white frills filled Victoria road (London) during the months of May, June and September. The key item of our uniform however, was the straw hat that was sweetly decorated with a blue and white ribbon that went all the way round.

That is why when I see a very similar straw hat in Celine´s Fall 2013 collection, I can’t help but smile to myself……the thing is, no matter how much I hated that hat…..I only love it now.

 Enjoy the pictures.

royals2 royals3 royals4

Even Bridget Bardot… royals8

We can all see who Celine took this idea from…….

(Enjoy the pictures)


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