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Julia Sarr Jamois



Today, we would like to introduce a new “fashion idol” that has recently been sweeping the streets with her colourful and perky street style. This young lady is a pioneer when it comes to standing out or trying on new styles and trends. Her dark and hipster physique suit her outstanding taste in clothing. It has not taken her very long to conquer magazines and fashion shows all over the world as a star trendsetter and fashion It Girl Icon.


Julia Sarr- Jamois


We went on a little scavenger hunt through the net trying to find some of her most inspirational outfits and round up a small collection of her best choices and features in main magazines. At present she has already collaborated with fashion queens like vogue and works as a fashion editor.


Julia follows a theme that you either love or hate…take your pick…we have taken ours!





We hope you like the pics.


Lots of love!


tumblr_mjlrvkDjPj1qfmxgno1_500 tumblr_mig6hdNqqp1qfmxgno1_500
tumblr_lvfyy1557Z1qgn23wo1_500 Julia Sar Jamois 2
julia1 julia2



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