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Weekend for two


Closet 42, Carranza (2 of 18)

It has been an eventful weekend. It has not been two months since my sister Bea and me where reunited in the beautiful city of London. I make it no secret how in love we are with this place, it is truly enchanting. Being one of the largest and most important financial and business centers of the world, it is home to the birth of art and creativity expressed through lifestyle, streetstyle and music.

We were able to meet up with a few very dear friends to do a little of what we love the most…


Closet 42, Carranza (4 of 18)

Closet 42, Carranza (3 of 18)

Closet 42, Carranza (1 of 18)

We have already told you a little about Berta Bernad. Spanish born blogger who seeks to create a name for her talent and her country by being a pioneer in the storytelling and lifestyle blogging so little known to Spain. At the moment she is based in London after having finished her university studies in Madrid and spending one year as PR representative for Ralph Lauren in the London offices.

Closet 42, Carranza (7 of 18) Closet 42, Carranza (8 of 18)

Life coincidences have brought us together to share some time and stories. The thing that surprises us about Berta is that she is of the few people who we know that has taken the risk and had the courage to target a dream and follow it. Nowadays, in a world guided by social rules and a predetermined and judgmental society it is difficult to truly find what one wants to pursue, and even more so…have the time and guts to figure a way to make it work.

It is true some people are lucky…but luck has a way of finding those who seek it that makes it reachable only by those who are hardworking and determined.

Luck rarely comes..it has to be sought out…and can be a nasty little b******.

Most dreams cannot be purchased with gold…the only coin valid in this auction is work…work…and a little bit of fairy dust…

Fairy dust: that funny thing that no one understands and makes the cookie crumble and world turn the right way round (luck).

 Here are the rest of the pictures that she took:

Closet 42, Carranza (9 of 18) Closet 42, Carranza (10 of 18) Closet 42, Carranza (13 of 18) Closet 42, Carranza (14 of 18)

Hacía tiempo que mi hermana Bea y yo no nos encontrábamos a la vez en la preciosa ciudad de Londres. No es un secreto lo mucho que nos gusta este lugar tan lleno de encanto. Parece increíble que uno de los centros financieros y económicos del mundo sea también la cuna de los movimientos artísticos y musicales más llamativos y conocidos de nuestro siglo.

Closet 42, Carranza (12 of 18)

Hemos podido reunirnos con una querida amiga con quien cada vez podemos trabajar más. Berta Bernad es una bloguera de España que actualmente reside en Londres tras haber finalizado sus estudios en Madrid y un año de trabajo en las Relaciones Públicas de Ralph Lauren en Londres. Su pasión se materializa en un blog de “Storytelling” y “lifestyle” www.bertabernad.com  que edita y crea con total dedicación y cariño. Su talento y trabajo le han llevado a colaborar como embajadora de NAC, OYSHO y J.Crew. Poco a poco, está cambiando el mundo del blogging tradicional español hacia un estilo más de cuenta-cuentos e historias sobre sus intereses, estilos y grupo de amigas trendsetters.

La clave de Berta es el trabajo duro y una pasión que arde por su trabajo que cada vez es mejor.

¡Enhorabuena Berta!

Closet 42, Carranza (17 of 18)

Closet 42, Carranza (18 of 18) Closet 42, Carranza (15 of 18) Closet 42, Carranza (11 of 18)


 Beanie: Cos/ Coat: Cos/ Skirt: Zara/ Jumper: Ralph Lauren/ Shoes: Top Shop/ Shirt: Vintage/ Bag: Zara


Shoes: Zara / Leggings: Zara / Shirt: Topshop / Coat: Astracan

Here are some of the pictures that we took of the making of with the lovely Berta Bernad.




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