Fashion minimalist and vintage enthusiast. Here is a short collection of ideas, images and stories by me for women like me. Enjoy.

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Time is something special. It happens…and once its done…it never changes…

It can´t be changed, it can´t modified, it is carved in history, permanent in time and frozen in someone’s mind or past.

No matter what we do or wish for what’s done is done and will stay like that forever.

Many of us have wished for something in our past to be undone, or be re-written.


Bracelet: Zara Necklace

Trousers: Zara

T-Shirt: H&M

Jumper: Primark


They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words. This may be so but have you ever really tried to describe a picture?

We believe it has a lot more to do with the image itself.

Personally, I don’t know a lot about photography but I can recognize  something I like when I see it. Images are good when they tell you something more. When you look and something goes click in your mind, a “click” loud enough to create a ripple effect in your brain that causes that same image to suddenly come back to linger in your thoughts.


This determines whether you like an image or not…if it is capable of making a print in its viewer far beyond the fraction of a second.

It is true talent, when one has the ability to achieve this. The capability of altering someone’s thoughts in a permanent way.


Many amateur photographers study past geniuses of the art and try to find inspiration, unaware that this activity has strong limitations. The initial picture taker was inspired by an idea, a feeling, a situation, a human being…it was the connection of all these what lead him/her to the art that was produced. It cannot be replicated in the same form.

Every new photographer must find their own way and their own inspirations.

Fashion follows the same pattern.

We portray as we feel and show this through our appearance.


Dicen que una imagen vale más que mil palabras… ¿pero alguna vez has intentado describir una imagen?

Admito no saber mucho de fotografía, puedo reconocer algo bonito cuando lo veo…

Las imágenes, al igual que las fotografías, deben ser capaces de decir algo más…contar un cuento. Crear un clip en la mente del espectador de manera que a este, no le sea fácil olvidar.

Esto determina si una imagen es Buena o no.



Considero que el talento verdadero viene en la capacidad de alterar el subconsciente de una persona, haciéndola sensible a lo que ve…para que se cree en ella una sensación o un pensamiento. La posibilidad de alterar la mente de otra persona de forma permanente…creando impacto.

La moda sigue el mismo camino, nos deja expresarnos por medio de lo que nos ponemos creando una reacción en otras personas.

¿Alguna vez has visto a alguien por la calle, y simplemente, fijándote en su aspecto, has imaginado rasgos de su personalidad?

¿Eso, llevado al extremo no puede ser considerado un arte?




Just like when you see someone with a particular look or style and can imagine features of their personality.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s right or wrong. When you get that feeling or sensation…I know it and you can tell… we look good.

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