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The Camel




Cold weather comes and the classics come out.

This season is parent to all those pastelly soft colors like beige, light grey and white.

One piece that will never lose its defining touch is the everlasting camel coat.

There are very few clothing items that are more special the longer they are. This is one of them. Even if they are straight cut or insinuating, they always look perfect with an air of elegance difficult to achieve otherwise.


Coat: Mango

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Blanco


My story started three years ago when I first had the inkling to own my own camel…I scavenged through many shops until I came across this in Mango. I became instantly mine and has been mine ever since.

Without a doubt one of my most precious out of all that lives in my closet.


El Abrigo Camel.

Las temporadas pasadas se han teñido de tonos pasteles, grises suaves, blancos y beige, no podía faltar el Camel Coat que está haciendo una entrada triunfal en los escaparates.

P1220261 P1220260

Hay pocas prendas que mientras más largas, más insinuantes y estilosas…esta es una de ellas.

Esta es sin lugar a duda, una de mis prendas favoritas.

Tienes la tuya?

P1220256 P1220252 P1220273

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