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It turns out, that I happened to forget my camera at the dinner party we went to afterwards…..thank God I found it or that would have been the most expensive item I would have ever bought, ‘The new camera that took no pictures and then got lost’….typical…..

I am glad to recal that the story did not end that way. I was lucky enough that someone living at the house where the dinner party was hosted decided to take care of a lost camera, and that is how I got reunited with it.

Carlos was the random person that did me this enormous favor.



That is why I decided to write this post. It’s about another wonderer like us, he decided to study in Newcastle  after having lived his whole life in Valencia and then decided to move to London to start his music producing career.


Throughout his young career, he has already composed some pieces that you will see on our blog.

We are always looking for people that want to build something new, different and true. Through his music, Carlos lives, he expresses himself and he learns. It’s also a way of sharing a little bit of himself with others, like the way we share a little bit of ourselves with Closet.

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