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Vintage Bag





Ya ha llegado el fin de semana.

Tras una semana de trabajo, uno pensaría estar cansado y con ganas de quedarse en casa de forma sedentaria pero esta mañana, sin una razón de peso aparente, nos levantamos con fuerzas renovadas como si de lunes se tratara pero con la motivación adicional de no tener responsabilidades más de aquella relacionada con pasarlo bien, hacer mil cosas y no parar.


The weekend has come and even though it has been a tough and hard working week, this morning we have risen with extra energy and keenness to start anew, as if it were Monday  but with the additional motivation of having no responsibilities. Take the chance to try something new, visit a different place, walk the streets and let yourself go.


Today, you can rule.



We invite you to check out this Singer we very recently discovered, she has an eccentric style and a strong sense for sending across sharp messages with her words.

She seems a little hypnotising, doesn’t she?


Blazer: Armani

Handbag: Loewe

Shirt: Massimo dutti


This beautiful almost Antique handbag has a little story behind it. It belonged to my mother and was given to her as an engagement present by my grandmother. She has kept it ever since. The thing with the women in my family is that they stay loyal and firm to the belief that every article of clothing you buy, has the only and precise purpose of being worn. The wear and tear of the fabric only adds to its value…its emotional value. A dear friend of mine recently asked me why I hadn’t taken more care of such a precious handbag, I answered that it wasn’t mine, it had belong to my mother and its state was the physical proof of the fact.


Trousers: Zara

Shoes: H & M


I’m not saying one has not to look after his/her personal items, but I’m arguing more the concept and definition of what “vintage” means. Does it mean only “old” or does it mean that there is a story behind it to be told?

I am proud of my worn Loewe bag and hope it may last in some way for me to give my children some day.


Special thanks to our dear photographer  and friend.

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