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The Janitor´s Closet




Friday awaits and blood gets warmer as we all dream of the weekend and hard work being over.

When the moment comes, all us she-males search for the never ending story of finding that one perfect dress or spectacular outfit that will make us shine because, after all, who doesn’t want to be the center of attention every once in a while.



We pamper and change constantly to get the look just right, until we feel completely comfortable with what we wear hoping it will make us shine…

Talking about shining…




Here is a little disco ball outfit to get you all in the party mood.

Come with us and step out of your comfort zone.

Who would have said a woolen spark-killing (excuse my play of words) pencil skirt to the knees would look so shocking?

P1210891 P1210892

It is not the first time we dedicate some time to the pencil skirt (http://closet42.com/2013/10/07/the-new-craze/)

It isn’t known for the flattering sort unless worn appropriately…but seems to have crept up on us through all new autumn/winter collections (check out Zara) with some strength this season.

P1210893 P1210920

The truth is, it’s really a girl´s job to figure out how to make these clothing items look sexy…even if it does mean transforming it into a disco ball.

Hope you like it and please…wear something completely outrageous tonight.

P1210918 P1210915 P1210913


P1210908 P1210906 P1210901

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