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Simply her…



Last week we started telling you a Little about Sofia but not the most striking aspect of her character.

Sofia, like many other teenagers was gradually led into the common career of business that luckily for many is the comfort of those who know not what exactly they want to do in life. I’m not saying that everyone that pursues this path suffers this situation, but there is a larger gathering than in other professional career paths.


Soon, she discovered that her routine lacked creativity and so, one day, she decided to blog.

Blogging is “the new thing”…almost everyone now has a blog…if you don’t, congratulations, you are original.

Writing about your thoughts, experiences, trends on the net can be a very scary thing to do, yet it holds some merit. Having the courage to put oneself out there in a more vulnerable than safe state is a talent to be envied.


It’s stepping (as some like to call it) outside your comfort zone …where the “magic” is supposed to happen…

Does it?

Well, we don’t really know, but we sure as hell ‘gonna’ add a little spunk to it.


Thank you Sofia, for once again, putting yourself out there and breaking those walls many find hard not to run into.P1220009

This is a little reminder of grunge and disco to get you into Friday mood.



Boots: Sandro

Skirt: Maje

Shirt: Zara

Jacket: Maje

P1220022 P1220027

P1220031 P1220052 P1220045 P1220041

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