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Business Casual




Old Madrid…is she not a beauty?


Mondays are unusually complicated and difficult days, this is why finding the small details that make you happy is especially important to make Mondays seem a little less like themselves. It may seem trivial but many girlies will know that one frequent short time of pleasure and fun is the moment when early in the morning, one has to decide what outfit or clothing item suits that particular day or event best.

Today, we dedicate this post to Business Casual.

The business casual style…or not…

Boring office clothing can be quite dull if not taken care of…


So why not add a little spunk to it?

And some heels?


P1220446 P1220441

Jumper: Zara

Trousers: Old Navy

Boots: Cos

Shawl: Zara

Shades: Prada



Special notice to white/beige wool….very heavy this winter season.

What do you think?

Take the chance to make the most of the fact that winter is still on its way but not quite here yet and don’t be scared to show a little skin once in a while. After all…coy is not the only thing ladies can be.

P1220426 P1220424 P1220413

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