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Autumn is coming…



This is me…


Boots / Botas : Urban Outfitters

Top: Urban Outfitters

Clown pants / Pantalón: Blanco


P1210760 Hoy, para dar la bienvenida al otoño, introducimos las botas y el pantalón largo…muy largo. Sin embargo, no olvidemos que aún no hace demasaido frío, entonces ¿porqué no darle un toque al look con un poquito de piel?

Es el momento de disfrutar que el calor sofocante se ha ido y a la vez, que el frío invernal no ha llegado.

¿Nos acompañas a Dray Martina?


One month into my newly professional and highly efficient working life and apart from minor changes, I see my life has not changed as much as I had expected. Those around me hassled with phrases of “get ready” and “this is the beginning of the rest of your life” and even though towards the outer world I wore a serene (hopefully) mature facial expression, inside, I was scared witless.


The thing is, I didn’t want my life to change, I was happy with the way it was…and like any other spirited teen in the body of a young woman, I was determined against and resistant with anything that embodied, signified, led towards or even mentioned change. Growing up is complicated…like relationships…you even get similar crisis periods and have defining moments… like break-ups…and back-togethers.


For the first time ever, me and my sister have been parted, for the long term, we get back together often, but that comforting feeling that time was scheduled and goodbyes were temporary has come and gone, and it’s scary to think that one is alone…in my case, for the very first time in my life.


At first I would close my eyes and hope…believe that everything was going to be alright and when I opened them, to my surprise, I saw everything was…


Change is good, it makes us grow, we try new things, feel different and set more ambitious goals. Take Closet 42, we made the last platform change in January and since then, its growth has been incredible.


Every other day I meet people and make friends who let me know what they think about Closet and I just makes me happy… so thank you everyone who follows, thank you everyone who will follow and thanks to all those people who constantly send us suggestions and ideas go help us get better.

Do what you like and make it come true…nothing can stop you.

It is not an easy path, you just have to follow your gut.

  P1210769 P1210774

Special thanks to this beautiful “boi”  <3


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